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We've been playing Guild Wars 2 a fuckton lately. I find it strangely addicting - we actually had to force ourselves not to play last night so Beth could get some homework done. She's got a character named after me, haha - Emerald Windleaf, one of the Sylvari, a plant person, so the name's kinda appropriate - but I think I might start a character of my own. We've actually got people to play with this time around, too. Dunno if anyone plays Guild Wars here, and I don't think I'd blame you for not playing, what with NC Soft's crap with shutting down City of Heroes, but if anyone dooooes play, lemme know.

I think I realized why I've been so damn quiet lately. I think it was recovering from that ridiculous drama shitstorm from back at the beginning of the year. Drama takes a lot out of you, I've noticed. A hell of a lot. So I guess I did what any good wolfy-typed-personality would do - retreat, lick my wounds, recuperate, and come back as good as new. Didn't think it would take as long as it did, but when you consider everything I went through... yeah. When I realized things would be okay, I let my guard down, and just went off to relax. No idea where - I don't think it was House Gembell, though, that's for sure. We've... lost contact with that place. Considering all the stuff that went on there, I don't think I'd want to stay there. Not anymore. I think Torrin's looking for a new astral house, so to speak, for us - not sure. He hasn't been here in a while. Neither has Ellie. I don't think she'll ever come back - she wasn't even properly here on Beth's birthday.

It's so dark and gray and rainy out today. Makes me think of Potsdam. I kinda like it- it's a day where one could just tuck themselves inside, turn on their computer, watch some Netflix and drink some hot coffee. (Or tea, because Beth's all NO COFFEE OR I WILL GET SPANKED. Don't even ask. You likely don't want to know.) I'm lookin' forward to getting on Scooterlou (FUCK YEAH SCOOTER) and going to class. Not sure if I'll actually be front much during class, but who knows. We'll see. And we'll see if anyone notices. S'my favorite game to play - See If Anyone Notices Em.

Well, everyone's gonna notice Em in a few weeks, haha - going to the renfaire with some very good friends, friends who know about me. May dig out the wig and go dressed as a proper renaissance lady, haha.
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