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That's what I seem to do a hell of a lot of lately. Hovering in the back. Being ready to move at a moment's notice, swoop in and throw up the armor, so to speak.

Beth and Morgan are all good, for the most part, which is nice. Beth and the husband? That's a whole 'nother story. I can handle that, though. S'why I'm hovering. In case he pulls some shit again about Morgan, and Beth can't handle dealing with him. He's done some stupid shit, when it comes to her and Morgan. I understand he wants his wife and all, but she is not wired for monogamy. Neither of us are. So, yeah. He's gotta deal with it, stop imposing restrictions on her, making her feel wrong and dirty for spending time with another man. (If it was another chick, he'd be OH SO FINE WITH THAT BECAUSE TWO GIRLS TOGETHER ARE HOT or some shit. But another man? NO FUCKING WAY)

I've been quiet for so long, though, that I can slip under the radar, mostly undetected now, without attracting any of his bullshit. Which is good. Don't have to worry about him trying to log into any of my online accounts or anything, like he used to do. And if I have to slip forward, he won't notice. I've gotten a bit better at being subtle. A hell of a lot better, actually.

In other news, I forgot about a good friend's birthday and feel like an ass, and had a surprise visit from Ellie and Torrin over the holidays. Mostly everyone's vacated the premises, so it was nice to see them again. The husband was pissed that Ellie dropped by and didn't say hi. He did, however, notice Torrin rocking out to Wham's one and only Christmas song one day while we were in NY. So, yeah. Shit's been quiet here otherwise, aside from relationship BS on Beth's side of things.
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