Jun. 19th, 2015

emerald_gem: (Me)
I hate when I shoot forward out of nowhere and so much shit is different.

We got new glasses since I was last out. And two more cats. And a CAR, shit I've been out of it awhile.

I looked in the mirror and don't even recognize myself anymore. It's been too damn long since I've been this far forward. I'm kind of glad Ross isn't home. He hasn't exactly met me yet, and I... yeah. It's very obviously me. I'm tempted to dig through the closet, find my kitty hat, and ride down to the scooter shop to see if ex-husband notices. I'm sure he will. He always does. And I would just go in there, smirk, flip him off, and then scooter back home.

Because there are fucking thunderstorms in the area, oh doesn't that just top this weird day off.

I miss having my own room.

And people inside to keep me company.

And, well, friends in general.

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