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I am SO FAR FRONT right now for the first time in so long that I've forgotten how to properly imitate Beth, and I can't quite get to her for hints and stuff. Today will be INTERESTING.

It's good, though. Girl needs a break. Last week was hell on her. Morgan dumped her again, despite loving her and all that. It was another one of her huge misinterpretations of what the husband said, which led to her panicking, which led to Morgan saying "then we have to break up". They may get back together sometime in the future. Nobody's sure right now. I'm trying to hold a conversation with him, pretending to be Beth, and trying REALLY hard not to fly off the handle at him. Because instead of going OH SHIT LET'S BREAK UP, he could have, I dunno, FUCKING TALKED TO THE HUSBAND. It took the two of them NINE MONTHS to have a frigging conversation without Beth there to make them interact with each other. And that was a week after he dumped her, and after Beth fucking snapped, self-harmed, and freaked the two of them out by being in such a dark place. Fuck that shit.

I actually think I scared the husband with my "your princess is in another castle" comment. It's been so long since I've been front and vocal, I bet he thought I was gone. Haha. Not happening, buddy.

In other news, it's nice to be out and listening to dubstep again. Fuck yeah Skrillex. Oh, and I had a birthday last week. And lots of red velvet cake to celebrate. It was good. :)
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