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Jun. 14th, 2013 11:12 am
emerald_gem: (Me)
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I swear I still exist. :D Still drinking coffee, watching the ponies, listening to the dubsteps.

Beth's back on antidepressants. I notice I get a little more... active when on these things, I dunno. A little more vocal. Not complaining. I like it.

Gonna make my secret debut at GenCon this year, rocking a steampunk getup. I guess Beth and I will be co-fronting that day, but honestly, whenever she puts on my wig for pictures, it's totally me that comes out.

We're growing our hair out. It's a reddish color now, pretty damn close to the color of my wig. I approve of this development. Hair's all shaggy and growing every which-way, but whatever. Don't care. Just want it to be long again.

Morgan dumped Beth back in February. Bad times. I had to force-front a few times to keep her sane. Even yelled at the fucker. He knew about me, and when I started talking, he knew it was me. I get his reasons, but seriously, he could've done it with a little more tact. 'Specially considering how very, VERY depressed and fragile Beth was. Dickbag. Forgot I wrote about this back in February. NEED MOAR COFFEE.

Things're good now, though. Beth's dating a new guy. He's a little nerdy for my tastes. The husband is still... well, the husband. Work is work, we put about 400 miles on the scooter since the beginning of the year, and I'm gonna work on making the office MY room again.

And that's it from me. Yeah, this is rambly and disjointed. I know. Oh well.
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