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aaaagh fuck I hate how lately I can't control when I slip forward and end up finding myself SCOOTER RIDING IN A THUNDERSTORM what the hell

*takes a deep breath* Hah. Okay. So. Everyone remembers how I don't like thunderstorms, right? They rank right up there with stupid amounts of computers triggering my electromagnetic sensitivity in the List Of Things Em Hates. I'm fine with the scooter. I love the scooter. But riding it in a thunderstorm is the absolute opposite of fun, especially for me. Cause every time thunder sounds, I jump and yelp like a frightened puppy. And when I jump, I grip the scooter harder, and that causes it to rev up if I grab it the right way. And that just makes it worse. So I rode with my head low like a racer (Beth laughed and said it wouldn't make me go faster) and gunned it where I could.

Got to the busy intersection we pass through on our way home, and the power goes out and all the drivers are all "oh god what do i do i've never driven in a power outage before HALP" - they sit there for a good 10, 15 seconds and then EVERYONE goes at once, like morons. So glad some moron didn't hit us.

Ugh. Stomach is bothering us, and Beth's finally able to slip front again, so I'm gonna finish this and retreat from the storm. Guh.
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