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Good lord a ton of shit's happened since I last posted you have NO IDEA.

First things first, and biggest things first, the husband... is now the EX-HUSBAND. Beth finally divorced him. And she's never felt better. Hell, I've never felt better. Sure, I don't spend much time front lately, but jesus it feels good to know he's not around to mutter "that bitch" under his breath when he sees me around.

Beth's got a better guy in her life now. I like him. Fuck, I like him so much I let him borrow my wig. Do you know how much my wig means to me? It's part of what makes me real. But she lets him wear it for things. And gods. Yeah. This Ross guy, he's good people. They've been together for a year, living together for a little over half that. Still don't get how the hell the ex-husband decided he was okay with Beth moving her boyfriend in, but then again, the ex-husband decided he was "poly", moved his girlfriend in last January, and she lived with them, rent free, for what, 8 months? Fuck that noise, that's what I say. Bunch of stupid drama happened, slowly but surely, after bitchface (ex-husband's girlfriend) moved in, and it just kept getting worse and worse until Beth pretty much said "fuck this shit" and told the ex-husband she wanted a divorce. And a few months later, it was done and two weeks ago the fucker moved out.

I just... I can't brain enough to put words to all the stuff that's happened since my last post. So. I'll post again soon, I promise. When I can brain better.

Also, happy birthday to me. I'm 15, technically. Hell yes.

Date: 2015-02-15 12:34 pm (UTC)
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Date: 2015-02-16 07:56 pm (UTC)
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About time you came back :) For a minute there, I thought events had driven you into some sort of self-imposed exile that had no end in sight.

Happy birthday, and glad to see you back :)

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