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Yep - still here, just lurking. Took the front fully this morning for the first time in ages to talk to Kyte. It's been friggin' forever since we talked, and I really needed the social interaction. Maybe I'll come out more now that it's fall - after all, I do tend to be more active when the weather cools. Who knows.

Or maybe I'll be more active to help combat Beth's crippling anxiety attacks. I've been slacking on the job on that front - Beth had a real bad one yesterday. The Viking (her boyfriend) came over for a little bit to spend time with her, which was good, and Ross gave her some space and anti-anxiety meds when her anxiety came back, so I'm glad she had people around to take care of her when I was too derped out to push front and handle things. I'm a bit rusty and spaced out lately. Gotta fix that.

Prolly gonna head out the door here in a bit - Beth found a stash of the ex-husband's old video games (and I mean old) that might be worth some money, so we're gonna sell 'em before heading to work. Hey, he didn't take them with him when he moved out of the old place in February, so it must mean he didn't want 'em, right? :D

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