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2012-08-06 07:56 am
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I've realized why I've reared my scruffy head again! It's for the same old reasons as always.

Beth's not doing so hot. (Of course. When am I ever super-active and Beth's actually okay?) I think part of it comes from her relationship with her boyfriend - and how it's lately brought to light a lot of stuff that's wrong in her relationship with the husband.

Sometimes I think that her getting into a relationship with someone that's not the husband is a great idea. Expanding her horizons, stuff like that. And then there're times where I think it was not the brightest idea she's ever had. She gets very attached very quickly. She sees all the unpleasantness in her main relationship brought to light, and she scrutinizes it more thoroughly than she would has this other person not entered her life. I've seen her do it many times. It's not good for her.

She had a long talk with Morgan yesterday. Can't remember all of what they discussed, since I wanted to give them some privacy, but I know a chunk of it was how she's not happy with how things are here. I mean, fuck, she and the husband were supposed to go away someplace for their anniversary, but you know what they're doing instead? Nothing. The husband's using the money they might have used to go someplace and is instead fixing the damn car. (Granted, the reason they're not going anywhere is because the husband found out hotel rooms in Chicago are insanely expensive, but sheesh, they coulda gone somewhere closer to home, yanno?) She also talked about me a bit - I definitely remember this part, as I was about to slip forward and have a conversation with Morgan. But I trust him, strangely. I don't think he'd ever purposefully do anything to hurt her. She knows she can relax around him. Fuck, she's even told him about me, and he didn't dismiss us outright as batshit insane, like the husband did at first. But yeah. Long conversation about things she's been trying to ignore or stuff deep down inside. She cried for a bit. First time she'd cried in a long time - I think she's afraid to cry around the husband because he coddles her too much. Goes into hyper "OMG SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY WIFE I MUST FIX IT" mode. Morgan... he just let her cry on him. Like I let her cry on me when she needs to.

So. Yeah. Time to dust off my glasses, fluff up my hair, and face the world today. I know Beth's not going to be able to do it well today.